Trying Out Google Glass

Ok I was pretty sceptical about these things when I first heard about them but I tried them out at a Google event the other night and they’re actually really really good.

Of course right now they look awful (well any glasses do on me) and the voice control is a bit ropey but the technology is incredible, especially the display which is far clearer than you would expect.

So will we all be walking around with these things on in the future? Wouldn’t surprise me at all actually. I just hope people don’t try and drive in them, that’s an accident waiting to happen.


Some Quick Tips For Removing Links

If someone told me 6 years ago when I started out in SEO that by 2013 I’d be doing a project to remove all the directory links I was building at the time, I’d tell them to shove their career when the sun don’t shine! Anyway, here we are and the reality is I’ve had a few projects, inherited from agencies who shall remain nameless, where there’s been no getting away from the need to do a cleanup operation on their link profile.

Its a horrible job and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone but if you do find yourself doing one of these link removal projects here’s a quick tip I’ve picked up that I haven’t seen in every other long boring blog post on the link removal subject. Continue reading

Google Start Showing Points of Interest Visually in Web Search

Not sure if this is new or not but its certainly the first time I’ve seen it.

Google seem to be testing displaying ‘points of interest’ in an interesting way visually on the top of some search results. Here’s how a search looked for ‘things to do in Derby for me today (click to enlarge).

Google points of interest serpsClicking any of the suggested points of interest along that top bar refreshes the search results with a new search for that point of interest. For example if I clicked the ‘Pride park’ photo it would give me the results below:

pride park

It looks like the data is being taken from Google places listings but the photos are taken from sources like wikipedia which would indicate its an extension of the knowledge graph listings rather than something to do with local search.

Is anyone else seeing these results?

A New Way to Fake PageRank?

Lately I’ve noticed a few sites coming up for sale and selling link with ridiculously high Google PageRank. Most recently this PR10 on Flippa (copy of that page here for when the auction ends).

Now obviously the PageRank of is fake. It has virtually no links, was only registered a few months ago and doesn’t rank for anything. But its interesting that this seems to be a different type of PageRank faking than I’ve seen before. Continue reading

The blog network debacle and SEO misinformation

A few people have been asking me about this so I though I’d throw my opinions into the ring for what they’re worth (i.e not much)

I’m sure by now you know about all the ho-rah around build my rank et al getting de-indexed so I won’t bore you by regurgitating the details. All I would add to whats already been reported is that although for most people this kicked off last week in actual fact Google started failry aggressively removing sites from smaller networks a few weeks ago and they’re still doing it now so it’s not over. Continue reading

How to Beat A Panda

Run for your lives it’s another post about the panda update! I don’t usually blog about SEO news and algorithm shifts for a couple of reasons- firstly it’s boring and other sites will always be better for that sort of thing. Secondly because of the approach I take to SEO I rarely get effected by changes at Google.

Actually most of my sites and my clients, have either gained slightly or been unaffected by the panda update. I do however think it’s pretty significant and have spoken to a few site owners who have been smashed by it although not nearly as badly as some are making out (and no I won’t be linking to searchmetrics here!).

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Google takeover of ITA travel software

Some thoughts on the Google takeover of ITA and what it means for travel SEO

For those who didn’t know last week (July 1st 2010) Google formally announced their buyout of ITA software, a company who provide the technology which powers sites like and Farecompare.

I don’t usually post search news here but this story was of interest for me as I’m involved with a number of travel SEO projects.

Now Google buying out software companies barely makes the news these days it happens so often and at $700 million dollars they got a bargain with this one. But what do Google want with flight search technology?

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Dealing With a Google Malware Warning

A short while ago I was working with a clients site which got hacked and subsequently penalised by Google with the dreaded malware distribution warning. The following is my account of how we dealt with the issue and my advice to anyone who finds themselves responsible for a site with a similar problem.

In this case the cause of the malware warning was a hack which exploited a wordpress vulnerability so I guess the first lesson here is if you’re using wordpress or any other open source software to run your site make sure you’ve got the latest security updates in place. In this case I think this would have prevented some future headaches.

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