Content Development with Raven Tools & Textbroker


When I wrote my Raven Tools review before christmas one of the points I made was this…

What I’d really like to see here is an integration with the textbroker API so you can order content and have it dropped straight into your Raven account to push out to your blogs.

Sure enough Raven announced last week that they had added this exact feature to the toolset, so I thought I’d take it for a spin.

If you read my Raven review the thing you’ll know I like most about a system like raven is its ability to streamline your workflow and make the labourious manual parts of the SEO process more efficient. On the face of it there’s very little benefit in being able to order content from the Raven dashboard rather than just logging into your textbroker account, after all you only need to cut and paste the copy from textbroker into your blog or the Raven content manager. However say you’re ordering 50 articles a month and for each one you have to login to textbroker to review and approve it then copy and paste it into raven you’re losing a couple of minutes for each article. That’s dead time. So I like the idea of being able to do as much as possible within one console without copy and pasting between systems.

Lets take a look at the system itself.

You’ll find the textbroker order form under the content tab in the Raven dashboard.

The order form is less flexible and has less options than you get if you login to your textbroker account. For example you can’t choose the author, or set the quality level so you can only order articles at the higher rate which works out about $0.04/ word, where as the lowest quality level in Textbroker is $0.01 (and the writing quality is terrible to be fair!). I’d actually never ordered textbroker articles at this higher quality level before, I’ve only used them for really low level content in the past so I was a bit hesitant at paying $20 for an article, although that’s still fairly cheap in the scheme of things.

The key with Textbroker (and any content ordering) is writing really tight titles and descriptions. While its good to give some writers flexibility to be creative, this is not the time or place. Tell the writer exactly what you want them to write so they literally have to fill in the blanks. The more narrowly focused the article the better, whether you’re using it on your own site or distributing it.

You can also specify keyword to be used in the article so if you want to include internal links to key pages or target the article at a particular phrase you can specify that the author has to use it in the post. Use the description to tell the author how often to use it (I usually say just to use it once). Some authors that write for services like Textbroker have got it in their heads that “SEO copywriting” is all about stuffing a keyword as many times as possible into an article, and I guess in a way it is, but thats probably not what you want from the articles you’ll be ordering here.

Feature request to Raven- a window on the order form which let you select keywords from the keyword manager would be useful here.

Once the article is finished (this one was done in a couple of hours) you’ll get an email from Raven and you can login, check it over and either approve it or send it back for a revision with a note to the author. I was really surprised by the quality of this first article, it wasn’t pulitzer winning stuff but it was good solid writing which I’d be happy to use on one of my own sites.

Once you’ve approved the article it will be dropped into the content manager of Raven from where about’s you can make any edits, include links and post it to one of your blogs or else send it out as a guest post and then tag it as a link in the link manager.

In all I think this is a useful addition to Raven. It would be good to have a bit more flexibility with the ordering but this will help me to get shit done faster, which I like. Also the content charges go on your raven bill, which cuts down on my paperwork- bonus!

Sign up for a free trial of raven here (aff link)