Quick SEO Wins!


There are parts of internet marketing which take a lot of time. I’m a big advocate of doing things properly, especially when it comes to link building. However sometimes the quickest things actually have the biggest impact. So clear a couple of hours in your day and run through my list of the best SEO quick wins (and a few non-SEO one’s thrown in for good measure)…

Link juice recovery

The juice recovery tool is part of the Cemper Link Research Tools. It looks for links to broken pages on your site and lets you download an htaccess file to redirect all those pages to your homepage. Not a new idea, but definitely a quick way to do it. My last report found 10 links to broken pages, redirecting these is like gaining 10 new links. Nice.

Time taken – 10 minutes (+ about 30 mins for the report to run)

Search for brand mentions which don’t link

Again not a new technique and it doesn’t always work that well but when it does you get a super quick list of top quality link prospects to email. This is simply a case of running “your brand name -linkdomain:yourwebsite.com” (not sure if this still works in the US?)

Time taken – about an hour, depending on the number of results

Upgrade your server

A few weeks ago I noticed one of my servers running a bit slowly. I didn’t have a lot of time to mess around tuning it up to make it run faster so I pinged an email to my hosting company to see what they could do. They upgraded something ( I can’t remember what it was!) for an extra tenner a month. Now it runs like lightening and my bounce rate is about 5% down. Meaning I need less traffic to make more money.

Time taken – 5 minutes.

Best of the web advertising

I did a write up of this the other day. If you need high quality, relevant, deep links with the anchor text of your choice BOTW sponsorship is well worth a look. And providing you’ve got the cash to hand it will only take you a few minutes to get setup.

Time taken – 15 minutes

Paid directory listings

Beyond the usual suspect like Yahoo directory, BOTW etc I still think there’s plenty of value in getting links from a range of other directories, provided it doesn’t take you forever to do the submissions. Directory maximizer have a paid directory service where you pay a fee once to them, plugin your keywords and they’ll handle the pain in the arse submissions and payments. You can cherry pick the directories from their list which you want to submit too (some are definitely better than others). They’ve also got a special one off fee for aviva directory which is worth having as its usually an annual renewal.

Time taken – 20 mins

Run a user test

When was the last time you tested your website on a real user? One of the quickest ways I’ve found to identify opportunities for quick fixes around usability and conversion rate optimisation is to setup a user test on usertesting.com. The setup only takes a few minutes and you get test results back really quickly which you can turn into an action list for your developers. Loads more DIY CRO tips here.

Time taken – 1 hour (its going to take longer to actually action stuff off the back of this)

Links from staff

Why not use your company wide mailing list for something a bit more useful than sharing drunken photos from the office christmas party for a change. No matter how big your organisation is (ok if you’re a freelancer like me this will be less effective) there’s sure to be someone in the office who runs their own website or blog or is active in one social network or another so send out a company wide link request telling asking everyone to make sure they link from those sites to the company website using xyz anchor text. For bonus points get them to change the website link in their linkedin profile from “Company website” to “Blog” that way you get a followed link:-)

linkedinTime taken: 15 minutes

Install Tynt

Tynt is a neat little script which automatically attaches a link to your site whenever anyone copy and pastes something off one of your pages into a WYSIWYG editor. It only take a few minutes to setup on most sites and may well land you a few extra links if you’ve got a large content site.

Time taken: 30 minutes

Identify keywords you’re just missing out on

I’ve touched on this a few times in previous posts. Its really easy if you’ve got Raven tools setup. Start in the Analytics keyword report and add the top 10 or 20 non-branded keywords which are sending traffic to your site to the SERP tracker so you can lookup where you’re ranking for them. Wait for the rankings to come in then sort the keywords which you’re already on page 1 for. Its fair to say if you weren’t tracking these keywords you weren’t pro-actively optimising for them but they’re already on page 1 and sending traffic. Often a few¬† tweaks to the page titles and content of those ranking pages can push you up to the top few positions for those keywords without any extra link building or expense.

Loads of potential hanging around the bottom of the first page of results

Time taken: 45 minutes

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Time taken: 5 minutes

Feel free to share your own quick win tips in the comments.