How to beat Q & A sites at their own game


Another quick post today…

I really hate Q & A sites, they’re 95% morons asking questions and other morons wasting their time answering them (if you’ve got that much time on your hands get a blog and make some money people!). However I can’t deny they have something of a magic formula when it comes to bottom feeding off long tail search traffic because plenty of people like to search in that Ask Jeeves style of “how do I”, “how can I” or “what is”.

Actually targeting the long tail Q & A style queries is pretty easy though. Here’s an example…

  1. Take a page you’re trying to get traffic to for example I’ll use my link building page
  2. Work out what the main theme/ keyword for the page is- in this case link building
  3. Head over to Yahoo Answers or Quora and do a search on that keyword.
  4. Sift through the nonsense questions and spam and work out what the most prevalent, recurring questions are on the subject and how people are wording them so something like:
    • How to build better links to your website?
    • What is your best link building strategy?
    • What is the most important factor in link building?
    • How to get permanent one one links for free
  5. Add a feature area to your page under a heading like Find out on this page or This article will show you and list the questions which the page answers underneath

VoilĂ …

You can apply this to pretty much any page if you’re a bit creative with how you style it. The example I’ve given here is just for show so I wouldn’t expect to rank for these terms but in less competitive niches rolling out a feature like this will really help to boost your long tail.