Google Start Showing Points of Interest Visually in Web Search


Not sure if this is new or not but its certainly the first time I’ve seen it.

Google seem to be testing displaying ‘points of interest’ in an interesting way visually on the top of some search results. Here’s how a search looked for ‘things to do in Derby for me today (click to enlarge).

Google points of interest serpsClicking any of the suggested points of interest along that top bar refreshes the search results with a new search for that point of interest. For example if I clicked the ‘Pride park’ photo it would give me the results below:

pride park

It looks like the data is being taken from Google places listings but the photos are taken from sources like wikipedia which would indicate its an extension of the knowledge graph listings rather than something to do with local search.

Is anyone else seeing these results?

2 Comments Google Start Showing Points of Interest Visually in Web Search

  1. meleighsmith

    I am seeing this as well – I have been searching to see if there is a similar result for other “categories” – when I first started seeing it, it was called “Frequently mentioned on the Web” rather than “Points of Interest”.


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