Internet Marketing Consulting

I currently offer 2 types of consultancy,

Paid search and social media advertising delivered via Inbound360, the advertising agency I co-manage.

SEO Consulting I also offer SEO consulting through my other company ioptimal.

Summary of Paid Search & Social Services

All campaigns are priced on application but assume a basic rate of 5-15% of media spend with a monthly minimum fee of £1000.

PPC Campaign Management

Our core service at Inbound360 is PPC management. We go the extra mile to make your PPC campaigns work and deliver real ROI. Most agencies offer this but fail to deliver on promises. If you’re currently working with another agency you can take advantage of our PPC agency switching service where we provide a free appraisal of your current campaign performance and if we think we can do better we’ll guarantee to improve your ROI in the first 3 months, or you won’t pay any fees.

Social Media Advertising

We can run social media advertising campaigns on major social network ad platforms including Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter. These campaigns can either be delivered as a bolt on to compliment PPC search advertising or as a totally stand alone service.

Display Advertising

Inbound360 can run display campaigns on Google’s display network and can also manage bespoke media placements.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Conversion rate optimisation consultancy can either by delivered as a standalone service or as part of our managed advertising services (PPC, social, display). This isn’t just about split testing – we’re more concerned about usability, great sales copy and meeting visitor expectation with appropriate content.

Summary of SEO Services

My day rate for all services is £500 which is about €600 or $650.

SEO consultancy and campaign management

I can offer ad hoc SEO consultancy on your project or deliver a fully managed campaign including keyword research, technical optimisation, content enhancements and link development.

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Link building

Fast, effective, scalable link building strategies based on link research, content creation and some good old fashioned leg work. I also offer my link building services whitelabelled to agencies.

More about my link building service

Technical consultancy

If you’re planning a rebuild or just need an freelance SEO to diagnose technical site issues like crawlability, internal link optimisation, duplicate content or site speed I can help. I’ve built websites of all shapes and sizes from the ground up and worked SEO projects across hundreds more sites so I’ve seen pretty much every SEO issue you could imagine, and a few you probably couldn’t.

Sector specialisms

As a consultant I’ve got a pretty diverse range of sector experience. If you’re a travel or ecommerce site owner you may be interested in my tailored SEO solutions designed to meet the challenges of these types of sites.

Local businesses can use my local SEO services to enter into search marketing with a pay for results pricing structure.

If you’re interested in my SEO consulting services or have a website promotion requirement not covered by the list above please email me on or use the contact form over on my consulting site.