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Posing with the family!

Posing with the family!

About the blog

Hi, I’m John McElborough. I have reason to believe I’m actually the worlds one and only John McElborough. Still I felt the need to register johnmcelborough.com just to be sure!

On this blog I share my tips predominantly about SEO in the travel and ecommerce sector. I’m planning on concentrating on quality, in-depth posts here which actually add some value to the SEO community. I used to read a lot of SEO blogs but I’ve cut this back massively as I think most of them just regurgitate the same stuff these days without actually adding any practical advice or insight.

I’ve got some good ideas for posts which I think I can give a new angle on but I want to cover them in-depth so don’t expect daily updates. Subscribe to my feed if you’re interested!

About me

I’m an Internet marketer specialising mostly in SEO and paid search. I run a number of my own websites as well as offering a freelance SEO consultancy service trading as my company name ioptimal. Find out more about the various services I offer on my consulting page.

  • I live in Brighton, UK
  • I don’t do Twitter much but if I did you could probably tweet me on @johnmcelborough!
  • My professional profiles on linkedin
  • If you want to get in touch you can email me on john@ioptimal.co.uk