My Crunch Accounting Review

I’ve been using Crunch Online Accounting for nearly 4 years now. In fact I use them to manage my accounts for 2 different companies, so for the most part my review is a positive one. In this post I’ll outline my own experiences using Crunch Accounting and what I like and don’t like about the system. Bear in mind this is just one users view, and that I know very little about accounting other than what I’ve learned muddling through running my own businesses! Continue reading

New Adwords “Cities” Ad Extension in Beta

A while back we noticed this new ad extension being used by which lists the cities under a county level search query. See the examples below:

Screen Shot 2013-12-31 at 13.21.16 Screen Shot 2013-12-31 at 13.20.44I haven’t see it being used by any other advertisers or any other types of queries and nobody we’ve spoken to at Google seems to know anything about it so we assume its a closed beta test.

In these examples its giving a 7 line advert at the top of search results!

Trying Out Google Glass

Ok I was pretty sceptical about these things when I first heard about them but I tried them out at a Google event the other night and they’re actually really really good.

Of course right now they look awful (well any glasses do on me) and the voice control is a bit ropey but the technology is incredible, especially the display which is far clearer than you would expect.

So will we all be walking around with these things on in the future? Wouldn’t surprise me at all actually. I just hope people don’t try and drive in them, that’s an accident waiting to happen.


Updating my personal blog

So I decided to have a quick update of my personal blog. The old Thesis theme was looking pretty damn tired and I’m not using the new version of Thesis. The blogs now running on a nice little theme called Bloggy which I picked up on Themeforest.

Domain name clearout

I’ve been having a bit of a spring clean cull of my domain names. Its amazing the crap you acquire over the years and how the bills add up. This is just he stuff I had handing around on 1and1.

Still ,I’m sad to see a few of these go, sure they were great ideas at the time. being my personal favourite – sorry Olly mate you had to go (< we’re tight, he’ll forgive me!).

Should these be of use to anyone feel free to pre-reg them or drop me an email if you just can’t wait for the cancellation date to get your grubby mitts on classic domain names like ;-)

Lets have some fun in the comments, what’s the shittiest domain you’ve ever reg-ed?

Here’s the list… Continue reading

Some Quick Tips For Removing Links

If someone told me 6 years ago when I started out in SEO that by 2013 I’d be doing a project to remove all the directory links I was building at the time, I’d tell them to shove their career when the sun don’t shine! Anyway, here we are and the reality is I’ve had a few projects, inherited from agencies who shall remain nameless, where there’s been no getting away from the need to do a cleanup operation on their link profile.

Its a horrible job and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone but if you do find yourself doing one of these link removal projects here’s a quick tip I’ve picked up that I haven’t seen in every other long boring blog post on the link removal subject. Continue reading

Raven Tools Remove Rank Tracking

I started typing this as a comment on this post but the comments there are getting a bit overwhelming so I’ve moved it to my blog so I can have a proper rant, and also direct my clients to this page.

Yesterday afternoon myself and thousands of other Raven Tools customers got the message below, letting us know that we had less than a month before Raven would shut down the SERP tracker tool that sits at the heart of its toolset. Continue reading

Google Start Showing Points of Interest Visually in Web Search

Not sure if this is new or not but its certainly the first time I’ve seen it.

Google seem to be testing displaying ‘points of interest’ in an interesting way visually on the top of some search results. Here’s how a search looked for ‘things to do in Derby for me today (click to enlarge).

Google points of interest serpsClicking any of the suggested points of interest along that top bar refreshes the search results with a new search for that point of interest. For example if I clicked the ‘Pride park’ photo it would give me the results below:

pride park

It looks like the data is being taken from Google places listings but the photos are taken from sources like wikipedia which would indicate its an extension of the knowledge graph listings rather than something to do with local search.

Is anyone else seeing these results?

A New Way to Fake PageRank?

Lately I’ve noticed a few sites coming up for sale and selling link with ridiculously high Google PageRank. Most recently this PR10 on Flippa (copy of that page here for when the auction ends).

Now obviously the PageRank of is fake. It has virtually no links, was only registered a few months ago and doesn’t rank for anything. But its interesting that this seems to be a different type of PageRank faking than I’ve seen before. Continue reading

The blog network debacle and SEO misinformation

A few people have been asking me about this so I though I’d throw my opinions into the ring for what they’re worth (i.e not much)

I’m sure by now you know about all the ho-rah around build my rank et al getting de-indexed so I won’t bore you by regurgitating the details. All I would add to whats already been reported is that although for most people this kicked off last week in actual fact Google started failry aggressively removing sites from smaller networks a few weeks ago and they’re still doing it now so it’s not over. Continue reading